Chirp A Little was created by a woman for women, as a safe space to discuss the issues that matter most: work, love, family, health and safety, and much more.

Chirp A Little is a platform that brings women together to share their story and learn from one another’s expertise and experience. Our goal is to take the feeling of chatting with a group of girlfriends over a cup of coffee or glass of wine and recreate it with a diverse community of women across the country and around the globe. All women are welcome – regardless of age, racial or ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, educational background or income level.

What We Provide:

Content– We feature original pieces from guest writers and regular contributors, including personal stories, information, advice, opinion and analysis. We also curate the best articles from other publications on topics of interest to our community.

Events – As Chirp A Little continues to grow, we look forward to offering events both on- and offline to provide an opportunity for our community to connect more directly. Stay tuned for more details about these events, which will range from informational webinars and Q&A sessions with expert panels to networking nights and let-your-hair-down parties.

What’s in a Name?
The name Chirp A Little is a tongue-and-cheek reference to “Pick a Little, Talk a Little,” which is a song from “The Music Man” that pokes fun at the small town’s gossiping women.

Within the context of the musical itself, this critique of this particular group of women might be justified. But, it is also a reminder of the way this idea that women gossip too much – and worse, simply talk too much – is often unfairly promoted in the media and society at large.

With the name Chirp A Little, we are taking this barb and transforming it into a badge of honor, making it clear that women should be seen and heard and placing our bets that honest conversations among a community of diverse women are a key step toward creating a safer and more equal world.


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